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GENERAL INFORMATION - Few of our clients are in a position to pay our entire fee up front without hardship. Our payment plans let our clients get started on the road to financial recovery sooner by allowing them to make payments towards their fee. There is no charge for this service- our clients who decide to use our plans pay exactly the same fee as clients who pay cash up front. Create a free account by registering with our website to learn all about our fees.

CHAPTER 7 PAYMENT PLAN - With a first payment of just $399, we'll start working on our client's Chapter 7 case. We'll prepare the necessary documents and notify our client when the documents are ready for review and signature. The client will then have 45 days from the date of the first payment to pay the balance of the attorney's fees and the filing fee. Then we'll file the paperwork with the court and represent the client at the creditor's meeting.


Dial 434-845-4520

CH. 7 - FROM ONLY $895 + COSTS

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