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When you come to see us at James River Legal, you won’t see chandeliers or luxurious furniture, but you will find a team of dedicated professionals who take pride in helping you fix your problems in a friendly, stress-free environment.

  • We save families
  • We save property
  • We save lives

1. Our Mission

James River Legal Associates is a family-owned and family-oriented law firm that is in business to assist our friends and neighbors with aggressive legal representation when times get tough.

2. Our Objectives

Paul and Margaret Valois, a husband and wife team of attorneys, founded this firm to do two things: help people in bad times who needed careful and personal legal representation, and avoid the waste and pressure of a traditional boiler room law firm.

3. Our People

Our professional staff is as dedicated as we are to making sure that our clients get the best service promptly and discreetly.

We're here to help good people in hard times

Over the past 19 years, We have had the honor and privilege of making a real difference in the lives of the thousands of clients we’ve represented.

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Financial Issues? Been Charged with a Crime?

The biggest mistake our clients make is not calling us soon enough. We help people solve their financial problems, keep their assets, defend themselves against criminal charges and protect their rights. We are not your typical law firm and we are not your typical lawyers – each of us worked through school and we know what it means to struggle hard to make a living and raise a family in tough times.

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Low-Stress Environment

We know that encounters with the law can happen to anyone. We want to make sure that everyone feels comfortable coming to us for help.

Expert Law Staff

Each member of our staff has different specialties, allowing us to handle a range of cases.