Child custody disputes are emotionally draining for everyone involved.  In most custody disputes, at least one of the parents or other custodians slings mud at the other party in order to gain an advantage.  Frequently, the children are used as pawns.  In extreme cases, actual abuse occurs.

In Virginia, unless an agreement is made, custody is eventually determined by a judge after a court hearing.  The court looks at particular factors when it decides custody cases, and it is the lawyer's job to prove (with evidence) that these factors favor the client instead of the other party.

There are two types of custody - legal custody and physical custody.  Legal custody is the right to make decisions about certain things that are important in a child's life - for example, things like the child's education and medical care.  Physical custody is given to the person who provides a home for the child.  Custody can be either sole or joint.

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