Margaret C. Valois, Attorney at Law

"As an attorney, Title IX false accusations make me angry.  As the mother of two college aged boys, I know how scary they can be.  I've successfully defended young men and women against lies and I want to help you, too."

Title IX is a federal law that applies to colleges and universities and was designed to prohibit sex discrimination. Unfortunately, the law is being unfairly twisted to falsely accuse many people (mostly men) of sexual misconduct.

If your college takes federal money (and most do) then Title IX applies to you.  Your college must investigate claims of sexual misconduct and then conduct a hearing. While these hearings are supposed to be fair, in reality they are not.  The procedures used to investigate Title IX cases vary from school to school, but the law requires a "prompt and equitable" hearing.  Federal guidelines discourage the right of the accused to ask questions of his accuser and an accused is not typically not even given the automatic right to call witnesses.   The penalties for violations are stiff - expulsions and suspensions are routinely given, and transfers to other colleges are often impossible.  Click HERE for a news story demonstrating just how unfair Title IX cases can be.

The right advisor can make the difference.  You need someone to guide your responses and to monitor the process to make sure your rights are protected.  If you have been accused of a Title IX violation or are facing a Title IX investigation, CLICK HERE to contact us NOW.  Margaret Valois has successfully defended young men in Title IX false accusation cases and she can help you.