Margaret C. Valois, Attorney at Law

"I recently successfully defended two false Title IX allegations in grueling back-to-back hearings.  One of them took 10 hours. Don't go it alone!  Call me NOW if you have been falsely accused of Title IX misconduct.  I have advised dozens of students in Title IX cases all over the U.S. and I have the experience you need."











Title IX investigations can be extremely time-consuming.  So can disciplinary hearings - I recently had a hearing that lasted 10 hours.  Title IX representation involves three stages:

  • Analysis

  • Preparation

  • Execution

Analysis requires looking at the facts of the case and determining which strategies to use, and even more importantly, which strategies not to use.  Factors to consider are the nature of the evidence that exists, the nature of any evidence that can be obtained, the nature of the allegation, and the policies and procedures of the school.

Preparation involves organizing evidence and argument to mesh with the chosen strategies.  We identify and obtain documents and witnesses and we draft a statement of our case.  We work with the client to prepare for the interview with the investigator and the hearing, if one is held.  I have attended quite a few interviews and hearings and use this experience to help my clients prepare for what will be a grueling experience.

Execution comes in the form of presenting evidence to the hearing officials.  This differs from a court case, because in most schools, as your advisor, I am not permitted to speak to the officers - my role is limited to advising you and suggesting things for you to say.

Do NOT underestimate the risks of a Title IX sexual misconduct charge.  Get help NOW!