JANUARY 26, 2016


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The Warner family is distressed to learn that the Lynchburg Police Department will be conducting the investigation of the shooting of Jonathan Warner on January 11, 2016 by a CENTRA security guard (who is also a former Lynchburg police officer) at the CENTRA Lynchburg General Hospital. The shooter, as a special conservator of the peace, has a longstanding relationship with the Lynchburg Police Department and the family is concerned that the investigation will be biased.


Ruth Ann Warner, mother of Jonathan Warner, states "My son went to the CENTRA Lynchburg General Hospital emergency room voluntarily, unarmed, calm and surrounded by family to have his medication adjusted. Eight hours later, he was in critical condition after being shot several times by a security guard. I am concerned that this investigation is being corrupted in order to attempt to shift the blame for this shooting to my son, the victim, and away from CENTRA and its employees. CENTRA ignored its own protocols and ignored the information I provided. If CENTRA employees had followed CENTRA's protocols and if CENTRA employees had not ignored the information I provided them regarding my son's condition, this tragedy would not have occurred. Now CENTRA refuses to release any information about the shooting. There is no excuse for CENTRA's conduct in this matter. CENTRA advertises its emergency room as a safe place for people to deal with mental health emergencies and it has a responsibility to make sure that mental health patients are treated safely and promptly. CENTRA's mission statement is 'excellent care for life.' My son will face a lifetime of pain and suffering because CENTRA failed in its mission. CENTRA is responsible for this tragedy and it needs to be accountable to my son, to our family and to the public. I want to make sure that no family has to endure this kind of suffering ever again."


The Warner family demands that the criminal investigation of this shooting be conducted by an independent agency instead of by the Lynchburg Police Department.