JANUARY 29, 2016




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SUBJECT: Warner Family Seeks Help From Community After CENTRA Refuses to Honor Commitment to Provide Care to Jonathan Warner



The family of Jonathan Warner seeks help from the community to raise funds necessary to transfer Jonathan from UVA Medical Center to a spinal injury rehabilitation facility. Jonathan's doctors have determined that he should transfer to a spinal injury rehabilitation facility immediately in order to continue his recovery from the injuries he sustained after being shot multiple times by a CENTRA security guard in an emergency care facility at Lynchburg General Hospital on January 11, 2016.



CENTRA executives initially committed to providing unconditional financial support for Jonathan's recovery, but today CENTRA refused to provide such support unless the Warner family agreed to sign releases of any claims against CENTRA. Since CENTRA has not provided the family consistent and complete information regarding the shooting, the family is not able to even identify any claims that may exist and so they are not in a position to release them.



Ruth Warner, Jonathan's mother states “I am devastated to learn that CENTRA will not follow through with its promise to care for Jonathan. On the morning Jonathan was shot, and before they would let me see my son, CENTRA executives took into a meeting room, looked me in the eye and promised me that they would care for him, and now they have abandoned him. Our family has been stretched to the limit physically and financially and I hope that the community will contribute to Jonathan's gofundme site so that we can transfer him to a spinal injury rehabilitation center as soon as we can.”



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